Library Management System

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Library Management System

Project is related to library management system which provides issuing services to its members. Any user can be become a member of the library by issuing and submitting a books with own account that created by admin.


  • Admin Can store and delete following information.
  • Admin can update, create, and delete the record of users as per requirement.
  • Admin can store information of books, magazine and syllabus etc.
  • Admin can keep stored data of admins users books issued books submitted books other information.


  • Keeps the track of issues and returns of books.

The purpose of this application is as follows.

  • The software is for library management.
  • User can easily interact with library and their function.
  • User can easily find their syllabus and books using this software.
  • In other hand admin can easily manage the whole library using this software.
  • Through this software admin can create accounts of users and for themselves also.
  • Admin has full control on the entire software through username and password.
  • Library management system With the using their personal username and password user can easily get his\her books and also see their personal account detail.
  • Thought the propose system Admin can show books ,and details of users issued book or submitted books


  • The “Library management System” Project is very useful for anyone who has use this project give facility to growth your library as per your requirement.
  • User can search book manually.
  • Only one book is possible to get by any user.
  • User cannot change any detail related to library, he/she can only change their own detail
  • This software also shows the total number of users and books and the entire syllabus.
library management system

library management system

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