Leave Management System

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Leave Management System

The leave management system is an Intranet based application that can be gotten to all through the association or a predefined Institute or Dept. This framework can be utilized to robotize the work process of leave applications and their endorsements. The intermittent crediting of leave is likewise computerized. There are highlights like email notices, cancellation of leave, programmed endorsement of leave, report generators and so forth in this Tool.

The leave management system have following modules:          

  • Administration
  • Employee
  • Search
  • Report
  • Authentication


In this module the Administrator has the privileges to add all the Employees and register them in the organization and check the information of the Employee and check the status of the leave when they have taken and what type of leave they have taken and search is done based on the employee and report is generated based on employee.


This module contain complete search like Leave search, Type of Leave, Employee based on the leave and starting and ending day of leave.


In this module employee has the privileges to use his username and password for login and he can see the request given by the customer and he can pass the process to the Business Manager and maintain the record of the customers.


This module contains all the information about the reports generated by the Employees based on the Performance and by the leave status.


This module contains all the information about the authenticated user. User without his username and password can’t enter into the login if he is only the authenticated user then he can enter to his login.

Download leave management system project source code