Online Discussion Forum Project

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Online Discussion Forum Project

Category : PHP Projects

Online Discussion Forum Project

The online discussion forum project is aimed to develop online forum for the group discussion. Due to this is a web-based application any user can post the doubts topics or ask question and can answer for the other user’s question. The user can invites others for conversation and submit question. This is useful for a small organization, school or a division or for that matter any group who is interested to organize it effectively. Facility to share the source and post articles that can be viewed by registered user.

The online discussion forum project contains seven main modules.
  • Category
  • Post Question
  • Registration
  • Answer
  • Discover
  • Articles
  • Search

Category Module:

This module is the main module use for describing categories of question/topic, by selecting the category user can post their questions easily. User can also retrieve the answers for their questions from specified category from the different users.

Post Question Module:

This module is mainly for the registered users. As the Administrator has to know who has posted the questions the user have to register here. Registered users can post their question here.

Registration Module:

This Module helps to collect the detailed information about the newly entered user. This module use to create new user of system.

Answer Module:

Each and every posted issue will get the exact answer from the discussion Forum team and also they can get a lot of answers from the different user.

Discover Module:

Users can answer the questions which are posted in this site. Both registered and non registered user is benefited over this module. They can also view the answers posted in this site.

Articles Module:

User can post their ideas and also they can know about the ideas of the other Users.

Search Module:

This module is used to search the queries, the articles and also the ideas. Both registered and non registered users can search over here

Download Online Discussion Forum Project Source Code

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Online House Rental Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Online House Rental Management System Project

If you are a stranger in some city and want to rent house than it is difficult to find suitable house in time. This is the main motivation behind Online House Rental Management System project development.

An online web portal to manage the rental property, facilitate tenants to view all listed property, search for their need using key words such as property type, location etc. Landlords need to have provision to post /update their property details with admin approval. Besides they required feature that would enable the tenant to view the complete details of the property, shortlist their preferred and register to book for a site visit. Member registration form and inquiry form to contact the admin for marketing are required in the application. Registered members must be provision to book for a site visit, view their recently viewed, site visits as well as reviewed sites in their member account.

We developed the application with 4 major user groups,

Property Owner

 Property owners are allowed to post their properties to the portal and manage the properties, agreements, their allocated tenants with on /off reminder that facilities for the agreement expiry / due on date.

Individuals / Tenants

Individuals/Tenants are allowed to browse, compare, book site visit, preview/manage agreements, see the property’s location in Google Map and on/off reminder facilities for the agreement expiry / due on date.


Apart from Individuals, the Corporate are allowed to reserve the properties for their executives.


Administrators can access manage the properties posted by property owners, manage the agents, schedule/facilitate to conduct the site visits. Further based on the requests upload the agreements and manage other crucial data in the application

Download Online House Rental Management System Project source code

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Task Management System


Task Management System is a web-based application developed using PHP at front end and MySQL at back end. Using this website admin can allocate task to any worker on the web and administrator can likewise check the status of the appointed work. using this website administration can take decision by checking the present status of the appointed work. This website encourages the client to finish chip away at time as client can check the status of relegated work whenever. Task management system is produced to deal with the work doling out process on the web.

We have built up this website to automate the task errand. Utilizing this application administrator can relegate work to any worker on the web and representative can refresh the status of allocated work on the web. Utilizing this product a worker can perform task related work on the web.


In the current systm, if administrator need to appoint work to representative then he can do it physically implies he need to assemble a conference and allot the task. In display framework following the work status is likewise exceptionally tedious. This system is extremely tedious and decreases the general profitability of the workers and in addition the organization.

This task management system is created to mechanize task process and to follow the work status on the web. Client can likewise gauge the worker effectiveness with respect to the work consummation on time.


In the present structure, if director need to designate occupation to delegate then he can do it physically infers he have to amass a meeting and assign the movement. In show system following the work status is moreover astoundingly monotonous. This framework is to a great degree dull and diminishes the general gainfulness of the specialists and moreover the association.

This task management system is made to automate undertaking process and to take after the work status on the web.

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Online product Opinion and Ranking System

Online product Opinion and Ranking System


As the web is spreading out its bound, the demand of on the web trade is also getting broadly extended. By and by everyone needs snappy and direct to home organization without connecting any undertakings. Online shopping is a technique for fruitful trade among money and items which is done by end customer without contributing a far reaching vitality navigate. Every thing on electronic shopping site is identified with studies which address nature of that particular thing. Each time the clients are purchasing the thing on the web by scrutinizing the thing study. In any case, scrutinizing each one of these reviews already acquiring the thing, exhausts extra time. In this manner, there is need of a couple of systematic examinations of thing reviews which serves to the purchaser to find intense thing among an extensive number of the things.

Here we have proposed a novel method “Online product Opinion and Ranking System” to manage rank the thing gainfully by mining the true blue reviews of the thing. Nevertheless, main problem develops when there is an errand of an imposer review given by a secretive customer. So this system will give method which will allow only those customers to give review who have gained the thing from that site. Distinctive customers are not allowed to give the study. This will reduce the wrong surveying of thing and customer will get the trustworthy thing.

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Buy Sell Old Car website

The purpose for building this project is that people can buy sell old cars easily. This project also saves time of the customers in viewing information about various cars.
All the details like model name, speed, specification of various cars are included in it along with the old cars which are ready to be sold.


  • The purpose of the proposed system is to provide more facilities to customers.
  • There is no any facility to compare with other cars in official websites.
  • Comparisons are done manually by customer, so this website will be very useful to customers.
  • It is more difficult find out “Which car is best for me?” We will help customers in taking their decisions.
  • Customers can consult to car experts for their decisions.
  • Aim of the proposed system is to satisfy customers and provide them more facilities.
  • It is easy to gather information of our dream car.
  • A car owner can sell his/her car online. They can directly contact to their customers.
  • Customers can share their experience with others.


  • The proposed website will provide facilities listed above to customers and sellers.
  • Aim of the proposed website is to make purchasing and selling of car easy.
  • It is easy to compare cars, book car, sell car, etc.
  • This website can be accessed from anywhere, so you can get information about cars from anywhere. So it is easy to decide the car.

Download Project Report

Download Project source code

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Music Gallery Website

Category : PHP Projects

Music gallery website is one who helps the user to find the various type of songs as per their requirement and also helps user to search various type of songs in my website. This web application works in whole India and helps the user to find better songs as per their requirement. And also user can also upload own song in my website. user can easily download a category-wise song. And visitor can also make account in my website. User can play live music in my website.


  • To provide latest news about movies.
  • To provide latest information about song
  • User can download category-wise song.
  • To provide latest info about albums.
  • User can upload a own songs.
  • User can give feedback.
  • User can play live song.


  • User can search various song and download a song.
  • User can upload own song.
  • User can download various songs.
  • User can view information about songs and movies.
  • User can play online music.

Download Project Report

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Online Personal diary

About Project

As eminent by its name that it should be an ordinary personal diary but in reality it is not. This program is very useful for many professional persons for instance;

  • It is quite useful for doctors. Doctors can use it for taking appointments and also they can keep the record of his patients as long as he can.
  • The travelers also use it for their purposes, what is their next plan? Where they have to go further? And also they can save their memories of the journey etc, for instances.

Features of Project

Following are the features of the program:

  • The most important feature is that it is the password protected. This program is also capable of changing the password as many times as you can.
  • This program has a capability of storing unlimited (depends on the memory) records.
  • The user can also take a look on his records.
  • The user can also make changes in the record.
  • The user has a power of deleting any record.

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Events and Workshop Portal

Our project events and workshop portal defines the different events and workshops which are going to organised by different colleges and students can online register themselves by using this website.

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College Canteen Management System

College Canteen Management System Project Abstract

Here in College Canteen Management System we provide the canteen facility in the college campus. This facility is for private canteens in the college campus. Usually People have to go to canteen and order the foods and they have to wait in queue for a long time to get the orders. But with the help of this you just have to follow a very simple process to order your stuffs. And you need not to wait in the long queue, you can enjoy your food at your own place. As, you have logged-in with your webmail id, webmail password, go to the any tab and order your food and fill up your account details. Once you click the submit button you order will got to respective canteen and amount will be deducted from your account. And same amount will be added in respective canteens account. After that you will get your order in your address in short period of time. By this way you can save the time and you need not to pay extra charges for delivery of your orders.

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Online Examination System Project

Online Examination System Project

This system is used for Online Examination System , The Purpose of building this particular website is for developing you business growth  using Internet marketing So as per Member Can Advertise His Business Banner as per Category and  His Subcategory vise so user is easily Communicate with Relative Business and We are Providing a Best Mediator Services for them.

These web applications through any user can Sales There Banner and Also They Can Buy Banner From other Users on Relative Business Banners.

In This site There Are main 2 Modules is available Admin & Client

In Admin Module admin has a full  authority to modify and change in the module of admin project  .

In Student Module Student can see the information of their personal data and give the exam online at any time from any where.

Purpose & Scope

  • Easy to Handle for Multiple exam
  • Easy To Give Any Exam in this Module
  • Easy to saving time.
  • Easy to save money then other exam. Because all about online.
  • Student can see the Exam Result And status of the exam.