Library Management System

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Library Management System

Project is related to library management system which provides issuing services to its members. Any user can be become a member of the library by issuing and submitting a books with own account that created by admin.


  • Admin Can store and delete following information.
  • Admin can update, create, and delete the record of users as per requirement.
  • Admin can store information of books, magazine and syllabus etc.
  • Admin can keep stored data of admins users books issued books submitted books other information.


  • Keeps the track of issues and returns of books.

The purpose of this application is as follows.

  • The software is for library management.
  • User can easily interact with library and their function.
  • User can easily find their syllabus and books using this software.
  • In other hand admin can easily manage the whole library using this software.
  • Through this software admin can create accounts of users and for themselves also.
  • Admin has full control on the entire software through username and password.
  • Library management system With the using their personal username and password user can easily get his\her books and also see their personal account detail.
  • Thought the propose system Admin can show books ,and details of users issued book or submitted books


  • The “Library management System” Project is very useful for anyone who has use this project give facility to growth your library as per your requirement.
  • User can search book manually.
  • Only one book is possible to get by any user.
  • User cannot change any detail related to library, he/she can only change their own detail
  • This software also shows the total number of users and books and the entire syllabus.
library management system

library management system

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Cake shop billing system

The Cake Shop Billing System is a standalone application which is based on ordering and selling the cake and other items and generating bill. The main principle behind the need of
Cake Shop Billing System is easy supervision of shop. It has user friendly & modular approach. The modular approach of the software increases the flexibility of the software.
Data storing is easier. It will be able to check any report at any time. Paper work and manual work is reduced. The system is user friendly and easy to use. The record of each customer is
stored that is customer’s name and contact details are added for reference. Next the item is selected, flavors, pounds and quantity is also added. At the end of the day, report is generated to calculate the payment for each user in each day.

The main purpose of the Cake Shop Billing System is to computerize the process of ordering and generating bill of a Cake Shop.
In other words we can say that our project has the following objectives:-
1. Make all the systems computerize, means no paper work.
2. Reduce time consumption.
3. Simple database is maintained.
4. Easy operations for operator of the system.
5. User interfaces are user friendly; it takes very less time to get use to with the system.

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