Buy Sell Old Car website

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Buy Sell Old Car website

The purpose for building this project is that people can buy sell old cars easily. This project also saves time of the customers in viewing information about various cars.
All the details like model name, speed, specification of various cars are included in it along with the old cars which are ready to be sold.


  • The purpose of the proposed system is to provide more facilities to customers.
  • There is no any facility to compare with other cars in official websites.
  • Comparisons are done manually by customer, so this website will be very useful to customers.
  • It is more difficult find out “Which car is best for me?” We will help customers in taking their decisions.
  • Customers can consult to car experts for their decisions.
  • Aim of the proposed system is to satisfy customers and provide them more facilities.
  • It is easy to gather information of our dream car.
  • A car owner can sell his/her car online. They can directly contact to their customers.
  • Customers can share their experience with others.


  • The proposed website will provide facilities listed above to customers and sellers.
  • Aim of the proposed website is to make purchasing and selling of car easy.
  • It is easy to compare cars, book car, sell car, etc.
  • This website can be accessed from anywhere, so you can get information about cars from anywhere. So it is easy to decide the car.

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