School Fees Payment System Project

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School Fees Payment System Project

Category : PHP Projects

School Fees Payment System Project is a web based application to manage fees and student details of students in school.

Features of School Fees Payment System Project:

  • Keeps track of student details like name, grade, contact, class, etc.
  • Stores fees collection details of student.
  • Fees collection report date wise.
  • Report generation of fees, student.
  • Chart of fees details.
  • Responsive layout, beautiful UI.
  • User can take database backup.
Modules of project:
  1. Campus: Website can be used for multi campus school. user can add or manage multiple campus by this module.
  2. Student: student data management done by this module. we can add, remove or edit student details.
  3. Fees: we can manage fees details here. fees can be accepted and report can be generated in this module.
  4. Report: we can generate different reports like fees and student details.

Project Name:  School Fees Payment System

Language Used: PHP

Database: My SQL


Web Browser: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA

Download School Fees Payment System Project Source Code

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