Real Estate Management System Project in C#

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Real Estate Management System Project in C#

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Real Estate Management System project is developed using C# Language and MS Access database. Real Estate owner or broker who have many properties. It is difficult for them to manage records of property. Now a days most real estate companies are still using traditional way to manage data through books or file systems(excel sheets). This project  real estate management system aims at developing an efficient info management system for real estate industry, client management and maintaining the property listings.

The Project is based on the concept of managing the records of real estate properties. The user can easily enter records of properties for management. To save property details user has to enter customer name, survey number, rate, booking amount, total paid amount, plot number, plot size, total amount, agreement and balance amount. For this a user has to pass through a login system.

After that, the user can easily manage property details. User also can keeps track of property selling like party name, address, agreement, amount, installment, etc.

Benefits of Real Estate Management System:

  • Easy management of property data.
  • Report generation is easy for any details.
  • Record of customer and client.
  • The software automates all complex tasks and processes, and helps you save a lot of manpower and time
Download Real Estate Management System Project Source Code

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