Python Projects with Source Code

Python is a popular programming language. It is used for web development, software development, mathematics, system scripting. Python has simple syntax that allows developers to write programs with fewer lines. To learn python programming becomes easy by python projects with source code.

We have listed some simple Python projects with the source code. We hope this helps you to learn python. This list also have some ideas on python projects.

  1. Contact Management System In Python
  2. Password Generator In Python
  3. Calendar Python Project
  4. Solve Quadratic Equation Python Project
  5. Port scanner in Python
  6. AI Crooswords Python Project
  7. Text to speech Converter Python Project
  8. Google Command Line Script Python Project
  9. Simple Complaint Management System In Python
  10. Simple Student Management System In Python
  11. Restaurant Bill Management System In Python
  12. Date and Time in Python Project
  13. Get all the links from a website Python Project
  14. Sending Mails using Gmail Python Project
  15. Mailing Server Python project
  16. Celsius and Fahrenheit Converter Python Project
  17. Search computer for specific files Python Project
  18. Check your external IP address Python Project