Online Tax Management System Project

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Online Tax Management System Project

Online Tax Management System Project

The main aim of Online Tax Management System Project is to prepare a Tax summary or Tax Returns of a client. In Online Tax Management System Project a client registers himself enters all the details and uploads various Documents that are necessary for preparation of Tax Summary and Schedules for an interview after successful submission of all the documents. After all the procedures are completed  Tax Returns  or Tax summary is prepared for all the clients by the admin who calls the clients and arranges an interview for discuss various issues regarding Tax summary.

Once the client pays the fees for preparation of Tax Summary he can download the PDF format of his Tax Summary.

This project is composed of two main modules which also includes many sub modules.

  1. Client module
  2. Admin module

Client Panel :

  • Register
  • Create client profile
  • Upload documents
  • Schedule interview
  • Tax Summary
  • Payment
  • PDF/Review/Correction
  • Authorization
  • E-File Acknowledgement
  • Refund Status

Admin Panel:

  • Call the clients
  • Collect Documents
  • Schedule interviews
  • Preview Client Profile and Documents
  • Interview
  • Tax Preparation
  • Send Tax summary
  • Tax Summary Queries
  • Review Tax Summary
  • Payment follow up
  • Payment Receipt
  • Discounts
  • PDF upload /Correction
  • Receiving E Files
  • Manual filling
  • Send E File
  • Refund Status

Client module includes registration of clients, submission of various documents etc., Admin module includes the call the clients, arrangement interviews, scrutiny of various documents and preparation of Tax Summary and sent a mail to the client upon successful payment of charge.

The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture, with centralized storage of the database. The application for the storage of the data has been planned.

Download Online Tax Management System Project Source Code

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