Online Gate Pass Management System

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Online Gate Pass Management System

The online gate pass management system is developed using PHP and Bootstrap. Gate pass management system manage all activities of incoming and outgoing from institute/organization.  It simplifies the task and reduces the paperwork.

Features of online gate pass management system:

  • Management of visitors,individual visitors and group visitors.You can keep track of the entry and exit times of all visitors including staff
  • Approve or disapprove visitors from getting into the gate and provide reasons why
  • Print reports and any information from the system for further reference
  • Capture vehicle and luggage details
  • Search visitor on various criteria.
  • Manage users of system
  • The objectives for creating this system is to reduce the paperwork and to maintain the document in electronic form.
  • Accurate maintenance of accurate and consistent records on gate usage.
  • To remove the duplicity of the pass and allow the verified visitor/person to cross the premises.

Download Online Gate Pass Management System source code

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