Online Furniture Selling Website

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Online Furniture Selling Website

In today’s competitive furniture supplies’ market, it is vital for retailers to have a website where products can be sold online. For this an e-commerce website has been created called online furniture selling website. The main requirement of this project online furniture selling website is to create the website in the least expensive yet in a professional way. The final version of the website has a front-end site for public viewers and a back-end site for the
store owner so that owner could maintain the website.

In addition, this website is accompanied by documents which cover topics such as intended website audience, design decision, competitive analysis, website contents, website structure, database elements, security aspects, payment methods, marketing approaches, website maintenance guide, management and user requirements, costs and benefits analysis, alternative development strategies, and project schedule.

This website is created to help increase its sales as well as to acquire more customers in the furniture market. As well as;to treat every supplier, employee, and customer with
honesty, dignity and respect,improve all aspects of service delivery to our customers, our employees and our community and to provide a safe and convenient environment to shop

By creating the online furniture selling website we hope to deliver furniture providing facilities for online shopping system to the customers by ordering it from furniture distributors/suppliers. This system will help to achieve maximum efficiency in shopping online and to reduce
the time taken to purchase items.But our main focus is youth. While artist promote their popularity, we are able to achieve better economic level by this system.

Download Online Furniture Selling Website Project source code

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