Online Fruit Shop Management System

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Online Fruit Shop Management System

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Online fruit shop management system is a website developed using PHP and bootstrap. This system is use for online management of fruit product. Through this system admin not only maintain records of products but also maintaining raw materials’ record, suppliers’ and their payment records, customers’ and their order record, employee’ and their salary record and generates daily & monthly report.

Modules of online fruit shop management system:

  1. Customer: Customer module handles registration and login management of website customers. It also store details of customer like name, address, contact number.
  2. Product: Product details like fruit name, category, price, etc.
  3. Supplier: supplier modules store fruit supplier information.
  4. Sales Module: product sales related information kept by this module. It also keeps record of bills and transactions.
  5. Report: Admin can generate various report using report module.

Download Online Fruit Shop Management System source code

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