Online Discussion Forum Project

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Online Discussion Forum Project

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Online Discussion Forum Project

The online discussion forum project is aimed to develop online forum for the group discussion. Due to this is a web-based application any user can post the doubts topics or ask question and can answer for the other user’s question. The user can invites others for conversation and submit question. This is useful for a small organization, school or a division or for that matter any group who is interested to organize it effectively. Facility to share the source and post articles that can be viewed by registered user.

The online discussion forum project contains seven main modules.
  • Category
  • Post Question
  • Registration
  • Answer
  • Discover
  • Articles
  • Search

Category Module:

This module is the main module use for describing categories of question/topic, by selecting the category user can post their questions easily. User can also retrieve the answers for their questions from specified category from the different users.

Post Question Module:

This module is mainly for the registered users. As the Administrator has to know who has posted the questions the user have to register here. Registered users can post their question here.

Registration Module:

This Module helps to collect the detailed information about the newly entered user. This module use to create new user of system.

Answer Module:

Each and every posted issue will get the exact answer from the discussion Forum team and also they can get a lot of answers from the different user.

Discover Module:

Users can answer the questions which are posted in this site. Both registered and non registered user is benefited over this module. They can also view the answers posted in this site.

Articles Module:

User can post their ideas and also they can know about the ideas of the other Users.

Search Module:

This module is used to search the queries, the articles and also the ideas. Both registered and non registered users can search over here

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