Online Car Rental Management System

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Online Car Rental Management System

Online Car Rental Management System

Travel agents are offering cab rental and car hire making full use of information technology to improve level of efficiency. This project offers the best of services-both in terms of man and machine. Online car rental management system offers the online cab hire service for corporate houses. It offers the best of rates and include the different categories of cars from luxury to budget.

Existing System

  • In the present system,organizations do maintain a person for the allocating and proper functioning of transportation.
  • Authorized person maintains the transportation details in papers

Problems in Existing System

  • Details are stored in papers
  • Maintenance is a huge problem
  • Update or changes in details is a tedious task
  • Performance is not achieved up to the requirements

Proposed system

  • The proposed system overcome the problems in the Existing system

Advantages of proposed system

  • Data is centralized which has overcome the sharing problems in previous system
  • As data is maintained electronically ,it’s easy for a person to update the details,which has overcome the tedious updations in previous system
  • Maintenance is easy and performance is good
  • Mainly the system is automated the transportation process


This project contain six modules

  1. Admin module
  2. HR module
  3. Maintenance module
  4. Movement module
  5. Finance module
  6. Quality Assurance module

Admin Module

  • Admin is the Super user of the system.
  • He is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the accounts to the system.
  • Admin is responsible for the creation of different kind of managers.
  • Admin looks after the maintenance of these accounts.
  • He has a feature of getting the password of a username.

HR Module

  • In Real world, Hr manager is responsible for the human resources of employees in an organization.
  • Here HR is Mainly used to register the employees for the cab facility ,after registering employees, he is the person to make shifts and Batches .Totally the functionalities of HR manager is to Maintain the Employee, Shift details and Batch scheduling.

Maintenance Module

  • Maintenance manager is one of the user in the system.
  • The main functionalities of this manager is to add vehicles, drivers and vendors of the vehicles.
  • The Maintenance manager is responsible for the Spare parts billing, registering the vehicles , drivers to the vehicles, mostly the vendor details and date of purchase of vehicles.
  • These details provide Manager whether the cabs are providing profit or loss.

Download Online Car Rental Management System project source code

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