Online Airline Reservation System

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Online Airline Reservation System

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Online Airline Reservation System has its database centrally located which is accessed through an Application Programming Interface (API).With the invent of Online Airline Reservation System the TRAVELER and the airline got the freedom to book a seat anywhere at any time at their convenience.

  • The TRAVELER can book a ticket at a click of a mouse saving the time and money for the TRAVELER.
  • It has also become a hassle free transaction for both the airline and the TRAVELER.
  • The online reservation system involves three main actors the database, online operator and a database scheduler. The database scheduler updates the database, the online operator accepts and confirms the booking and updates the data.


  • The main purpose of this software is to reduce the manual errors involved in the airline reservation processes and make it convenient for the customers to book the flights as when they require such that they can utilize this software to make reservations, modify reservations or cancel a particular reservation.


  • The name of the software is “Online Airline Reservation System”.
  • This software provides options for viewing different flights available with different timings for a particular date and provides customers with the facility to book a ticket, modify or cancel a particular reservation but it does not provide the customers with details of cost of the ticket and it does not allow the customer to modify a particular part of his reservation and he/she can modify all his details.


  • The system is finally completed and well-developed as planned. However, there were several limitations occurred in the system. The limitations are somehow slightly affected the system.
  • One of the limitations of the software is the system only supports for domestic flight. Domestic flight means it only handles local flights (within India).
  • Reservations are only allowed for all domestic flights. Passengers are free to make reservation for local flights at any time and fly to any states they like. However, they could not make reservations for international flights. This system is unable to support huge international flights for all countries.
  • In addition, the system is also limiting to no edit feature for inserted record in the system. Users need to be alert when inserting new records as there were no editing feature for all tables.
  • After making a reservation or inserting new record, no changes are allowed. If passengers request to change their flight in case of emergency, they have to cancel the previous reservation and make a new reservation. The system does not provide any feature to for passenger to change their reservation directly.
  • Sometimes passengers might be frustrated to cancel their reservation and make a new one. Therefore, passengers are also advised to confirm their reservations before making any flights reservation.

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