Hotel Management System Project

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Hotel Management System Project

Hotel Management System Project

  • We have tried my best to make the complicated process of Online Hotel Management System as simple as possible using Structured & Modular technique & Menu oriented interface.
  • We have tried to design the software in such a way that user may not have any difficulty package & further expansion is possible without much effort.
  • This project is used by two types of users
  1. Online Users.
  2. Administrator (management of the Hotel).
  • Online users can see the required articles or news.
  • Administrator can maintain daily updates in the hotel records.
  • Administrator is must be an authorized user. He can further change the password. There is the facility for password recovery, logout etc.
  • The main aim of the entire activity is to automate the process of day to day activities Hotel like Room activities, Admission of a New Customer, Assign a room according to customer’s demand, checkout of a computer and releasing the room and finally computer the bill etc.

SCOPE of Hotel Management System

  • During the past several decades’ personnel function has been transformed from a relatively obscure record keeping staff too central and top level management function. There are many factors that have influenced this transformation like technological advances, professionalism, and general recognition of human beings as most important resources.
  • A computer based management system is designed to handle the entire primary information required to calculate monthly statements. Separate database is maintained to handle all the details required for the correct statement calculation and generation.
  • This project intends to introduce more user friendliness in the various activities such as record updating, maintenance, and searching.
  • The searching of record has been made quite simple as all the details of the customer can be obtained by simply keying in the identification of that customer.
  • Similarly, record maintenance and updating can also be accomplished by using the identification of the customer with all the details being automatically generated. These details are also being promptly automatically updated in the master file thus keeping the record absolutely up-to-date.
  • The entire information has maintained in the database or Files and whoever wants to retrieve can’t retrieve, only authorization user can retrieve the necessary information which can be easily be accessible from the file.
  • The main objective of the entire activity is to automate the process of day to day activities of Hotel like:
  1. Room activities,
  2. Admission of a New Customer,
  3. Assign a room according to customer’s demand,
  4. Checkout of a computer and releasing the room
  5. Finally compute the bill etc.

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