Hostel Management System

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Hostel Management System

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Hostel Management System is a project developed in a PHP and MySql to manage hostel related task like Hostels, students details, Employees, Mess bill, Room rent, etc. It makes easy to manage hostel administration. It can help warden of hostel in many ways. Hostel management system is web based application so warden can access it from anywhere.

Hostel Management system have Following main modules:

  1. Room Module: This module manage room details. Admin can allocate and select from available room. Checking availability of room is easy by room module.
  2. Student Module:  Student module manages student details. It will stores student details like name, address, contact no, parents contact no, course name, blood group, etc.
  3. Mess Module: Mess module can create and manage mess card for students. It can generate mess bill of student based on students mess card.
  4. Fees Module: This module manage fees related task. It displays name of student who have not pays fees before due date.
  5. Visitor Module: visitor module manage visitor details of hostel.

Download Hostel Management System Project Source Code

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