Cyber cafe Management System

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Cyber cafe Management System

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In this  cyber cafe management system project an attempt is made to design a computer system for the CYBER CAFE that makes the management of recording user details, internet usage and billing much easier. The objective of this software is to maintain the details of users, cabins and login history. Through this system we provide facility of prepaid and postpaid accounts respectively for Account Users and Walk through Users. It has the features like adding, viewing, editing of user details, cabin details, recharge option for prepaid users, billing, tariff settings, etc.

The Software powered by JAVA assures clear and efficient services to the agency. This easy-to-operate system helps to access and modify user details, provides efficient billing facility. The software is designed to provide Reliable and error free information. The database is driven by My SQL thus providing portability. Anyone having an account with the system can have access to internet by logging into the client machine using a given username and password. Account users can login only if they have sufficient balance in the account. Otherwise they will have to recharge their account using the recharging facility at the administrator side. To ensure enhanced security user account creation, editing, etc are available only at the administrator side.

On successful login the user can load browser and can have access to internet. The login time displayed on the login screen may help the users manage their usage. On logout the internet usage charges and available balance in the account (in case of account users) will be displayed.


Presently, most of the functions in the Cyber cafés are done manually. Even though there are LAN connections and an administrator system, an automated system is not introduced. The owner records the details of the clients, login and logout time, cabin and has to calculate the amount. All these details are written in book. Also there is no special system to allocate cabins efficiently. The owner also has to calculate the total income of a day. The present system has following limitations:

  • Limitations in report generations
  • Manual recording consumes excess time
  • Chances of error
  • Difficulty in allocating cabins
  • The retrieval of information regarding a client is time consuming
  • Lack of billing system and manual calculation of daily income
  • Repeated recording of frequent user details

Focusing on the drawbacks and inadequacies of the existing system, the new system is designed which could well replace the existing system.


In the present scenario the café owner keeps a paper book to keep track of user details. Manual processing of data is always time consuming and may commit more errors. There is much difficulty in allocating cabins to the users. Further reference to the user details is time consuming. Accuracy of such data makes the system unreliable and inefficient. Obviously there is need of an efficient system. The proposed system rectifies the demerits and defects of the existing system to a greater extend.


 The Cyber Cafe Management System which we design is in the same line of the existing system. No procedural changes are made to the existing system except the login process done by the customers.

The new system(cyber cafe management system) we develop has 2 modules. One module is to be installed in the server computer and the second module is to be installed in every client computers. In server module the staff should login with their username and password. The first entering window contains a flex grid which will display all the cabins. If any customer logs in any client computer, the details of the user including name and address will be displayed in this grid.

If any of the client computers is not in working condition, there is facility to remove it from allocation process. After accomplishing the maintenance it can be added back to the cabin settings.

When a new customer comes for browsing, an account is created for him.

The account can be of two types, “Account user” and “Walkthrough user”. An account user must pay a minimum amount of Rs.50 for the creation of account. While walkthrough users have to pay only after their usage. Account users can use the internet for lower tariffs which can be adjusted from the menu ‘tariff settings’.

The usage amount will be deducted from their account’s balance. In case their credit amount is lower, the customer should recharge their account. Recharge option are available at ‘recharge’ menu.

An account contains information about the user’s name, address, identification etc… They should have a unique user-id and password. Using this user-id and password they can log in from the client computers. In case any user forgets his password, it can be recovered and edited from the edit option in menu named ‘Account setting’.

Different reports are included regarding users, their login time, logout time, used machine etc… In case if any malpractices have occurred from the café, it can be identified by checking the user report. Daily report provides details regarding all the user details of a day. Reports of a specific user can be viewed using their user-id. Similarly machine wise reports are also there, which helps to find all the users who have used a specific computer.

Since information regarding the users is needed for further checking, an account can be deleted only after 5 years from the last login date. That is the information and details regarding usage of a user will be kept for at least 5 years.


The system we propose has great scope in the current real time situation. The cyber crime monitoring system can be enhanced to an extent by implementing this system. Most of the firms and establishments are being

computerized in order to ease the tasks to be performed. The internet cafés unfortunately are rarely computerized. We aim through this venture, a better reliable solution. In the primary stage of feasibility study itself we received an exquisite response and so we plan to go ahead with our project.


The purpose of the project cyber cafe management system is to automate cyber cafes. The software must include provisions to keep user details and login history. It should help the café owners to retrieve user details when needed and internet usage in the system. It should be capable of allocating cabins automatically. It should help the café owner in calculating daily usage of the systems and income.

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