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Restaurant Management System

Main goal of this project is to create such a restaurant management system which will save time of both customers & restaurant management team. On the other hand it will help to run business with much more efficiently than past.

The restaurant management system processes bill and order transaction and stores the resulting data. Reports will be generated from these data which help the manager to make appropriate business decisions for the restaurant. For example, knowing the number of customers for a particular time interval, the manager can decide whether more waiters and chefs are required.

This restaurant management system can be used by employees in a restaurant to handle the clients, their orders and can help them easily find free tables or place orders.

Project have following modules:

  1. UsersUsers module is used to manage customers data of restaurant. admin can identify frequent customers of their restaurant.
  2. ProductsAdmin can add/update food products available in restaurant
  3. CategoryCategory of food product can be manage by this module.
  4. TablesAvailability of table and reservation of table can be made by this module.
  5. OrdersOrders are recorded in this module.
  6. Reports

Download Restaurant Management System Project source code

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Parking Management System

Parking Management System is web based application developed using CodeIgniter. This system offers hourly parking management, parking ticket system, parking lot management, and more.

Website have following modules:

  1. Vehicle category: This module is for category of vehicle. Admin can add, update or delete vehicle categories.
  2. Parking Module: Parking module is used to manage parking of vehicles. It assigns paring location and parking slots and track availability of parking space. It also calculate parking fees based on time.
  3. Parking Rate Module: We can defined and update parking rates for different vehicles.
  4. Parking Slot Module: We can manage parking slots like normal or VIP slots and admin can also check availability of slots.
  5. User Module: Manage user details.

Download Parking management system project source code