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Coffee Shop Management System

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The purpose of coffee shop management system is to manage customer details, bill details, etc. This is a desktop application project developed in c# and sql server database.

This project automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to transaction flows, user details, payment details. It is very needy for Coffee Shops. This project helps the owners of Coffee Shops to maintain day to day transactions in computer.

This is simple project in c# with database. To run this project you need a visual studio. It stores customer details and calculate cost of coffee instantly.

Download Coffee Shop Management System Project Source Code

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Real Estate Management System Project in C#

Category : C#.NET Projects

Real Estate Management System project is developed using C# Language and MS Access database. Real Estate owner or broker who have many properties. It is difficult for them to manage records of property. Now a days most real estate companies are still using traditional way to manage data through books or file systems(excel sheets). This project  real estate management system aims at developing an efficient info management system for real estate industry, client management and maintaining the property listings.

The Project is based on the concept of managing the records of real estate properties. The user can easily enter records of properties for management. To save property details user has to enter customer name, survey number, rate, booking amount, total paid amount, plot number, plot size, total amount, agreement and balance amount. For this a user has to pass through a login system.

After that, the user can easily manage property details. User also can keeps track of property selling like party name, address, agreement, amount, installment, etc.

Benefits of Real Estate Management System:

  • Easy management of property data.
  • Report generation is easy for any details.
  • Record of customer and client.
  • The software automates all complex tasks and processes, and helps you save a lot of manpower and time
Download Real Estate Management System Project Source Code

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Online Blood Bank Project

This online blood bank project allows you to access the whole information about Blood Bank , readily scalable  and adaptable to meet the complex need of Blood Banks Who are Key Facilitator for the Healthcare Sector, it also supports all the functionalities of Blood Bank.

Entering the details about the blood groups, members, addresses etc. And tracking the database is complicated when the details are maintained manually. This makes the maintenance of schedule erroneous.

The main aim of developing this system is to provide blood to the people who are in need of blood. The number of persons who are in need of blood are increasing in large number day by day. Using this system user can search blood group available in the city and he can also get contact number of the donor who has the same blood group he needs. In order to help people who are in need of blood, this Online Blood Bank project system can be used effectively for getting the details of available blood groups and user can also get contact number of the blood donors having the same blood group and within the same city. So if the blood group is not available in the blood bank user can request the donor to donate the blood to him and save someone life. Using this bank management system people can register himself or herself who want to donate blood. To register in the system they have to enter their contact information like address mobile number etc.

This system is used for maintain whole information about campus.
In this project mainly 3 modules are there.

  •  Admin
  • Donors
  • Acceptors

Admin: This module focuses on the both donors & acceptors. Each member in a donor & acceptor is given a user id and password, which identifies him uniquely. The member is given a login form. he enters the login details user id and password. .. The options given to
• Change Password
• Maintain donor details
• Maintain acceptor details
• Update donor details
• Update acceptor details
• Logout

Donor: Each member in a Donor is given a user id and password, which identifies him uniquely. The member is given a login form. he enters the login details user id and password. .. The options given to a each member in a staff are
• Change password
• Find a Blood group.
• Why donate blood
• Logout

Acceptor: Students. In this you can store the information about Acceptors.
• Change password
• Find a blood group.
• Who needs blood
• Logout

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Library Management System

Project is related to library management system which provides issuing services to its members. Any user can be become a member of the library by issuing and submitting a books with own account that created by admin.


  • Admin Can store and delete following information.
  • Admin can update, create, and delete the record of users as per requirement.
  • Admin can store information of books, magazine and syllabus etc.
  • Admin can keep stored data of admins users books issued books submitted books other information.


  • Keeps the track of issues and returns of books.

The purpose of this application is as follows.

  • The software is for library management.
  • User can easily interact with library and their function.
  • User can easily find their syllabus and books using this software.
  • In other hand admin can easily manage the whole library using this software.
  • Through this software admin can create accounts of users and for themselves also.
  • Admin has full control on the entire software through username and password.
  • Library management system With the using their personal username and password user can easily get his\her books and also see their personal account detail.
  • Thought the propose system Admin can show books ,and details of users issued book or submitted books


  • The “Library management System” Project is very useful for anyone who has use this project give facility to growth your library as per your requirement.
  • User can search book manually.
  • Only one book is possible to get by any user.
  • User cannot change any detail related to library, he/she can only change their own detail
  • This software also shows the total number of users and books and the entire syllabus.
library management system

library management system

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