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Music Player Application In Android With Source Code

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Music player application in android is an application to play audio file stored on mobile. Music player app is developed on android studio using java. User can play music from list of audio file library.

Features of music player Application Project:

  • Play music from file manager
  • Creates music play library
  • Play music in background
  • Play, pause, skip, next song, previous and fast forwarding

Download Music Player Application In Android With Source Code

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Event Reminder Android App Project

Category : Android Projects

Event Reminder Android App Project

It is difficult to remember birthday or other events of all family members and relatives. To assist people for remind such events we have developed event reminder android app project.

It is designed and executed to remind the individual for a birthday and commemoration, here client can likewise make familiarize event to educate to various people. It is educated to a man with SMS and email.

Event reminders – or, in other words any extraordinary events like Birthdays, Anniversary and so forth. Application sends naturally message and send email.

This application includes a rehashing Event reminder. You can redo the span, different determinations, refresh the events and so forth.

Functionalities of application:
  •  User can add reminder for birthday, anniversary or any custom events.
  • It can informs multiple person about reminder details via SMS or email.
  •  User can add, update and delete event reminder.
  • Reminder notification can be repeat at specified interval.


  • The first user needs to add to the event.
  • At that point select the event from birthday, commemoration and custom event.
  • In the chose event, he needs to round out every one of the information.
  • The user can make an event where he can illuminate different individuals.
  • The user needs to choose time and date when he needs to educate the client.


  • At the point when the time has come which Is set by the user the application will naturally begin and illuminate to the user of the event.

Download Event Reminder Android App Project Source code

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Android Quiz App

Android quiz app is an application developed using android and sqlite for MCQ based quiz. The Andoid quiz app is for candidate to appear for test in an effective way and there is no loss of time to check the paper. The main aim of android Quiz app is to effectively estimate the candidate completely via a totally automated system which besides preserving time, offers swifter outcomes. Generally, students are provided with paper, pen etc for taking the test but the Quiz app doesn’t require all these.

Platform used for development

Platform :  Android
Programming Language :  core java
IDE Tool :  Eclipse
Database :  sqlite

Download Android quiz app source code

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Attendance Management System Android Project

Category : Android Projects

Attendance Management System is an innovative tool to maintain and manage the attendance of students/employees. These tools can be a software to monitor attendance details.

Attendance management using mobile device is required now for increasing use of android smartphones. we have decided to develop attendance management system android project to use it on smartphones.

Here, the user has to log in as Lecturer or Admin. From Lecturer’s login, the user can view and add Students, units, courses, and maintain daily Attendance records easily. From Admin’s login, the user has access to each and everything in the system. Admin can also View & Add Students, units, courses and maintain Attendance record. Beside this, Admin can view and add a new group, members.

Download Attendance Management System Android Project Source code

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Medicine In-take Reminder and Monitor App

Motivation behind developing Medicine In-take Reminder and Monitor App

Out-calm pharmaceutical association has been recognised as the most slip-up slanted framework amidst the entire drug process. Most by far of these bumbles were made when patients purchased unmistakable embraced and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines from a couple of drug stores and use them at home without beside zero bearing.

Essential purposes behind these bumbles include:

(1) Irregular medicine in-takes on account of thepatient’s involved or eccentric lifestyles,

(2) Complicated in-takeschedules as a result of numerous meds and measurements taken by thepatient,

(3) Adverse medicine reactions caused by un-reconciled prescriptions got from different sources,

(4) need of information about real usage of medications,

(5) Lack of conference with social protection providers when disarray emerges and

(6) Lack of watching segments to keep trackof patient’s medication in-take..

In this undertaking, we introduce Medicine In-take Reminder and Monitor App, a propelled cell application intended to help patients dodging these oversights.

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Movie ticket booking android Project

Movie ticket booking android Project

Project Description

  • I am giving you Movie Ticket Booking Android Project Idea for final year, it can be a good idea because booking tickets online or doing reservation online is common now a days, becauseno one want to stand in a queue for booking a ticket or doing a reservation. With the help of application you can book a ticket just in some clicks.
  • So if you are going to develop an android project, movie ticket booking android project can be a good idea for you here you can add so many attractive features which are required for a online movie ticket booking project in android.
  • If you are a final year student you can also develop Movie ticket booking android project for final year.

Features that can be added in Movie ticket booking android project

  • List of movies which are currently running.
  • List of upcoming movies.
  • Description about the movie.
  • Rating of the movie.
  • Payment gateway for transaction.
  • Seat Availability.
  • List of cinema hall city wise.