Cake shop billing system

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Cake shop billing system

The Cake Shop Billing System is a standalone application which is based on ordering and selling the cake and other items and generating bill. The main principle behind the need of
Cake Shop Billing System is easy supervision of shop. It has user friendly & modular approach. The modular approach of the software increases the flexibility of the software.
Data storing is easier. It will be able to check any report at any time. Paper work and manual work is reduced. The system is user friendly and easy to use. The record of each customer is
stored that is customer’s name and contact details are added for reference. Next the item is selected, flavors, pounds and quantity is also added. At the end of the day, report is generated to calculate the payment for each user in each day.

The main purpose of the Cake Shop Billing System is to computerize the process of ordering and generating bill of a Cake Shop.
In other words we can say that our project has the following objectives:-
1. Make all the systems computerize, means no paper work.
2. Reduce time consumption.
3. Simple database is maintained.
4. Easy operations for operator of the system.
5. User interfaces are user friendly; it takes very less time to get use to with the system.

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