Advertisement management system

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Advertisement management system

Advertisement management system  is a total online answer for sponsors who need to promote their item on online media or sites. Advertisement Management System venture is created utilizing ASP.NET and SQL server. This undertaking is produced for the clients who need to deal with their online advertisement from one place. This site is extremely useful to advertisement organization staffs and administrators to oversee advertisements and to see reports.


Now a day’s people are purchasing products online. Therefore, it is necessary for the company to advertise their product online. Online advertisement is a very complicated task we need a system to manage it. Advertisement management system helps to manage online advertisement. This system provides the complete service for advertiser to introduce their products and services into online market. Advertisement management system will give the solution of all problems that comes in online marketing. In this system user can create ads and can also select website where he want to show their ads online.

Basic System Components are

2. Advertiser

An advertiser is the person who wants to display their ads online.

2. Ads Content Providers

Content Providers are independent Ads Agencies those helps advertiser to make their ads content and are connected with the advertisement management system

3. Subscribers

Subscribers are the Publisher Websites those are connected with the advertisement system and  where advertisement will be displayed

Use can make their advertisement with himself or he can also take helps of advertisement agency to create ads. After creating ads user can select any subscriber from list. Then user select any available plan for advertisement. After completing the payment users ads will be displayed on subscribers website. User can add as many subscribers as he want from the list.

System will provide the list of subscriber websites for user. System will provide login and profile facility for user where advertisement can be added or deleted or updated. Advertisement management system will make use of online payment system for receiving payment from user. User Manual will be provided for user help.

Download Advertisement management system project source code

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