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Gym Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Gym management system is developed in PHP, CSS and MySql. Gym management system contains only admin side. Admin can manage gym mambers, trainer and payment information. Admin can add or manage members, trainers and payment information.

Download Gym Management System Project Source Code

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Doctor Appointment System

Category : PHP Projects

Doctor appointment system is developed using PHP, CSS and MySql. Doctor appointment system manages appointments of patients with doctors. It have three users: Admin, Doctor and Patient.


Admin manages doctor information, patient information, appointment timings, etc. Admin handles over all system.


Doctor can see their appointments, patient information, treatment records.


Patient can enter into system after login. New patient can login after registration. Patient can book appointment online after login, patient can also see his/her treatment records. Patient can book appointment as per desired time from availabel free slots, no needs to book appointment manually.

Download Doctor Appointment System Project Source Code

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Random Password Generator Python Project

Category : Python Projects

Random password generator python project generates strong password without any length limits. User will enter password length and based on length script will generate random strong password.

Features of random password generator python project:

  • Generates password without length limits.
  • User can enter desired password length.
  • Generates unique password.

Download Random Password Generator Python Project source code

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Age Calculator Python Project

Age calulator python project is simple age calculator developed using python script. This age calculator python project calculates exact age of user in day, month and years. User will enter bithdate in day, month and year in text box and hit calculate age button to calculate his/her age.

Age calculator python project have simple design, easy to run script.

Download Age Calculator Python Project Source Code

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Login and Registration form in PHP

Category : PHP Projects

Login and Registration form is essential part in every website project. Mostly every website have user module. Here we have tested user module which you can use or integrate with your project.

Login and registration form can be use in your project from this source code. This code is developed using PHP, CSS and MySql.

Download Login and Registration form in PHP with Source Code

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Daily Expense Tracker Project in PHP

Daily expense tracker project is developed using PHP and bootstrap. Keep track of daily expense on paper is tedious task. It requires more calculation and accuracy to stick with daily/monthly budget.

Daily expense tracker project provides solution for manual process. User can create expense category name with budget. When user enters daily expense it shows remaining budget or shortfall. User can generate expense report


  • User Module
  • Expense Category
  • Expense
  • Report

Download Daily Expense Tracker Project in PHP with Source Code