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Online Fruit Shop Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Online fruit shop management system is a website developed using PHP and bootstrap. This system is use for online management of fruit product. Through this system admin not only maintain records of products but also maintaining raw materials’ record, suppliers’ and their payment records, customers’ and their order record, employee’ and their salary record and generates daily & monthly report.

Modules of online fruit shop management system:

  1. Customer: Customer module handles registration and login management of website customers. It also store details of customer like name, address, contact number.
  2. Product: Product details like fruit name, category, price, etc.
  3. Supplier: supplier modules store fruit supplier information.
  4. Sales Module: product sales related information kept by this module. It also keeps record of bills and transactions.
  5. Report: Admin can generate various report using report module.

Download Online Fruit Shop Management System source code

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Online Gate Pass Management System

The online gate pass management system is developed using PHP and Bootstrap. Gate pass management system manage all activities of incoming and outgoing from institute/organization.  It simplifies the task and reduces the paperwork.

Features of online gate pass management system:

  • Management of visitors,individual visitors and group visitors.You can keep track of the entry and exit times of all visitors including staff
  • Approve or disapprove visitors from getting into the gate and provide reasons why
  • Print reports and any information from the system for further reference
  • Capture vehicle and luggage details
  • Search visitor on various criteria.
  • Manage users of system
  • The objectives for creating this system is to reduce the paperwork and to maintain the document in electronic form.
  • Accurate maintenance of accurate and consistent records on gate usage.
  • To remove the duplicity of the pass and allow the verified visitor/person to cross the premises.

Download Online Gate Pass Management System source code

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Simple Chat System in PHP

Category : PHP Projects

Simple chat system is developed in php using JQuery.  Simple chat system can be integrated in any PHP website for chat functionality.

Features of simple chat system in PHP:

  • Registration/Login to enter into chat system
  • Simple User Interface
  • Create chat room by admin
  • User can join chat room
  • Can be use for customer support website

Download Simple Chat System in PHP with source code

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Barcode Generator in PHP with Source Code

Category : PHP Projects

Barcode generator in php is a simple application to generate barcode based on text data provided by user.

Barcode is a machine-readable code bundled with data about an entity. It is particularly used to store product-related data like product name, product id, price, etc.

Features of barcode generator in PHP:

  • Simple code to implement
  • Generate barcode based on user input data
  • Can be use in shopping cart type website
  • Generate barcode in printable form

Download Barcode Generator in PHP with Source Code

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Image Gallery Project In PHP With Source Code

Image Gallery Project In PHP With Source Code is a simple photo gallery project where admin can upload images. User can view images in form of gallery after login in website.

Features of Image Gallery Project:

  • Admin can upload images in different category
  • Different actions on image
  • Responsive grid for image list
  • Preview of image from gallery

Download Image Gallery Project In PHP With Source Code

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Music Player Application In Android With Source Code

Category : Android Projects

Music player application in android is an application to play audio file stored on mobile. Music player app is developed on android studio using java. User can play music from list of audio file library.

Features of music player Application Project:

  • Play music from file manager
  • Creates music play library
  • Play music in background
  • Play, pause, skip, next song, previous and fast forwarding

Download Music Player Application In Android With Source Code