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Mobile Shop Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Mobile shop management system helps mobile shop owners to manage various records related mobile brand, stocks, customer details etc.

Multi brand mobile shop have many brands and models. It is difficult to keep track of stock and models details on paper. Mobile shop management system does it computerized. The software gives all the necessary details of the mobile phones below the image of handset.The application keeps the record of all the purchased and stock handsets in the database. The admin can view all the invoices and check the product gallery. It also contains a form setting for managing product’s price and branch information.

Download Mobile Shop Management System

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Coffee Shop Management System

Category : C#.NET Projects

The purpose of coffee shop management system is to manage customer details, bill details, etc. This is a desktop application project developed in c# and sql server database.

This project automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to transaction flows, user details, payment details. It is very needy for Coffee Shops. This project helps the owners of Coffee Shops to maintain day to day transactions in computer.

This is simple project in c# with database. To run this project you need a visual studio. It stores customer details and calculate cost of coffee instantly.

Download Coffee Shop Management System Project Source Code

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Club Membership Management System

Category : PHP Projects

This  Club Membership Management System project enables the user to add member data to the system. The user can easily add members simply by name. The user can also add clubs by providing his name. You can also view the list of members of certain clubs and add members to that particular club. In addition, this system also contains account management from which the administrator can change the password and add other accounts for system administration.

The purpose of this  club membership management system project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing membership data. This data saved in the database. The interface allows user to enter name of the member, date of birth, spouse name, address, phone details and save it in the database. The phone details include Work number, cell number, extension and fax details. The user can update these fields from database.

Club membership management system provides a directory for the users. It will provide an easy way of maintaining records in the database. Admin can retrieve data from the database and display. All the data is unique to a particular member. The member number is a unique number generated automatically through the system.

Download Club Membership Management System Project Source Code