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Online Tender Management System

Category : JSP Projects

The online tender management system is developed to help vendors to get details of project and submit tender online. In tradition tender management system tender details displayed on print media. vendors have to apply for tender by post or personally. It is difficult for vendor to get details and full conditions of project in traditional tender management system.

In Online tender management system organization can put project tender on website. where vendor can apply online, there is no need to send physical documents. So, it will reduce time to process tender.

Admin can select supplier/vendor from shortlisted tender and directly contact them. So it will reduce time to finalize supplier/vendor.

Download Online Tender Management System Project Source Code

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Petrol Pump Management System

Category : VB.NET Projects

Petrol pump (fuel filling station) is a busiest selling point. Thousands of transactions occurs daily on petrol pump, it is difficult to manage this transactions manually. Petrol pump management system manages this things like selling of petrol, stocks, report generation, bill, etc.

Petrol pump management system have following modules:

  1. Bill: This module is use to generate bill for sales.
  2.  Inventory: Inventory module keeps track of available stock of various products.
  3. Employee: This module keeps record of employee works on petrol pump like attendance of employee, salary of employee, details of employee.
  4. Report: Various reports can be generated by this module.

Download Petrol Pump Management System Project Source Code

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Customer Query Management System

Category : ASP.NET Projects

Customer Query Management System is a Web enabled, centralized information and management application. Developed to cater for the company requirements in building best relations with its customer community by providing fast redressal mechanism to the customer grievances.

The main idea behind this project is to replace manual customer query/complaint management system using centralized web based query management system.

Application work flow is as below:

  • customer can post query after login.
  • Query will be answer by customer care officer.
  • customer can track status of his/her query.
  • Manager can monitor progress of query submitted by user.

Download Customer Query Management System project source code

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Online Fashion Shopping

Category : PHP Projects

Market of online shopping is growing day by day. Now a days people also prefer online fashion shopping. This project is based on PHP and MySql.

Online fashion shopping project is a shopping website for fashion products. It have various categories like man, women and kids fashion. It have sub categories for man fashions like shirt, jeans, T-shirt, footwear, watches, etc. similarly sub categories for women and kids also.

Here admin can add/remove products in various categories, manage orders.

Download Online Fashion Shopping Project source code

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Currency Converter Java Project

Category : JAVA Projects

Currency converter is simple but useful mini project application. The currency converter application is developed in java. This application can convert money from one currency to another currency.

This small application is useful to money market related persons. In  this application user can select from list of currency for source and destination currency, then by entering amount user can get converted amount.

Currently currency converter application have following currencies:

  1. US Dollars
  2. Euros
  3. British Pounds
  4. Japanese Yen

It is simple to add new currency in this application.

You can download complete project source code of currency converter by following link.

Download Currency Converter Java Project source code

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Parking Management System

Parking Management System is web based application developed using CodeIgniter. This system offers hourly parking management, parking ticket system, parking lot management, and more.

Website have following modules:

  1. Vehicle category: This module is for category of vehicle. Admin can add, update or delete vehicle categories.
  2. Parking Module: Parking module is used to manage parking of vehicles. It assigns paring location and parking slots and track availability of parking space. It also calculate parking fees based on time.
  3. Parking Rate Module: We can defined and update parking rates for different vehicles.
  4. Parking Slot Module: We can manage parking slots like normal or VIP slots and admin can also check availability of slots.
  5. User Module: Manage user details.

Download Parking management system project source code

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Hostel Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Hostel Management System is a project developed in a PHP and MySql to manage hostel related task like Hostels, students details, Employees, Mess bill, Room rent, etc. It makes easy to manage hostel administration. It can help warden of hostel in many ways. Hostel management system is web based application so warden can access it from anywhere.

Hostel Management system have Following main modules:

  1. Room Module: This module manage room details. Admin can allocate and select from available room. Checking availability of room is easy by room module.
  2. Student Module:  Student module manages student details. It will stores student details like name, address, contact no, parents contact no, course name, blood group, etc.
  3. Mess Module: Mess module can create and manage mess card for students. It can generate mess bill of student based on students mess card.
  4. Fees Module: This module manage fees related task. It displays name of student who have not pays fees before due date.
  5. Visitor Module: visitor module manage visitor details of hostel.

Download Hostel Management System Project Source Code