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Appointment Management System

Appointments are the soul of the present administration industry—however the way toward booking (and rescheduling) appointments frequently empties the life out of the general people giving those service. Indeed, even with a full-time assistant, the consistent forward and backward with clients is sufficient to disappoint anybody, also the time it detracts from your business, appointment management system is developed to address this issue.

Booking appointments is one of those assignments you ought to pass on to your PC—and fortunately, there are a considerable measure of extraordinary applications that make planning appointments online as agony free as could reasonably be expected.

The appointment management system will ensure your timetable is never overbooked—and that appointments can get re-booked without you doubling check your schedule inevitably.

Features of Appointment Management System:

  • Easy to Manage. This website have easy-to-learn dashboards so you can get started quickly and not spend a lot of time learning your new interface.
  • Good User Booking Experience. It’s not enough if only your team has a good time with the software. This website provide a smooth user experience for your customers, too, so they can book appointments at their leisure, without any frustration.
  • Flow of Information. In a service business, there are a lot of moving parts and important pieces of information—reminders, notifications of reschedules, updates to staff schedules, key forms and paperwork… the list goes on. This website take this into account and each have a system for managing your data efficiently.
  • Comprehensiveness. Last but not least,this website has the power and suite of features necessary to handle everything related to booking appointments for your business, so you don’t have to jump back and forth between several different apps.

    The following are the major operations in this application.

    • User Registration
    • Password Recovery
    • Change password
    • List of upcoming appointments
    • Adding a new appointment
    • Searching for appointments
    • List of all appointments
    • Deleting an existing appointment
    • List of appointments by date
    • List of users of the system
    • Editing details of an existing appointment

Download Appointment Management System Project source code

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Task Management System


Task Management System is a web-based application developed using PHP at front end and MySQL at back end. Using this website admin can allocate task to any worker on the web and administrator can likewise check the status of the appointed work. using this website administration can take decision by checking the present status of the appointed work. This website encourages the client to finish chip away at time as client can check the status of relegated work whenever. Task management system is produced to deal with the work doling out process on the web.

We have built up this website to automate the task errand. Utilizing this application administrator can relegate work to any worker on the web and representative can refresh the status of allocated work on the web. Utilizing this product a worker can perform task related work on the web.


In the current systm, if administrator need to appoint work to representative then he can do it physically implies he need to assemble a conference and allot the task. In display framework following the work status is likewise exceptionally tedious. This system is extremely tedious and decreases the general profitability of the workers and in addition the organization.

This task management system is created to mechanize task process and to follow the work status on the web. Client can likewise gauge the worker effectiveness with respect to the work consummation on time.


In the present structure, if director need to designate occupation to delegate then he can do it physically infers he have to amass a meeting and assign the movement. In show system following the work status is moreover astoundingly monotonous. This framework is to a great degree dull and diminishes the general gainfulness of the specialists and moreover the association.

This task management system is made to automate undertaking process and to take after the work status on the web.

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Android Quiz App

Android quiz app is an application developed using android and sqlite for MCQ based quiz. The Andoid quiz app is for candidate to appear for test in an effective way and there is no loss of time to check the paper. The main aim of android Quiz app is to effectively estimate the candidate completely via a totally automated system which besides preserving time, offers swifter outcomes. Generally, students are provided with paper, pen etc for taking the test but the Quiz app doesn’t require all these.

Platform used for development

Platform :  Android
Programming Language :  core java
IDE Tool :  Eclipse
Database :  sqlite

Download Android quiz app source code

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Attendance Management System Android Project

Category : Android Projects

Attendance Management System is an innovative tool to maintain and manage the attendance of students/employees. These tools can be a software to monitor attendance details.

Attendance management using mobile device is required now for increasing use of android smartphones. we have decided to develop attendance management system android project to use it on smartphones.

Here, the user has to log in as Lecturer or Admin. From Lecturer’s login, the user can view and add Students, units, courses, and maintain daily Attendance records easily. From Admin’s login, the user has access to each and everything in the system. Admin can also View & Add Students, units, courses and maintain Attendance record. Beside this, Admin can view and add a new group, members.

Download Attendance Management System Android Project Source code

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Hostel Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Hostel management system is composed for the hostel management which causes them to spare the records of the understudies about their rooms and different things. It encourages them from the manual work from which it is extremely hard to discover the record of the understudies and the chaos bills of the understudies, and the data of about the those ones who had left the hostel. Every one of the hostels at introduce are overseen physically by the hostel office. The Registration frame confirmation to the distinctive information handling is done physically. Accordingly there are a great deal of redundancies which can be effortlessly kept away from. What’s more, consequently there is a considerable measure of strain on the individual who are running the hostel and programming’s are most certainly not generally utilised as a part of this specific situation. This specific venture manages the issues on dealing with a hostel what’s more, keeps away from the issues which happen when conveyed physically Identification of the disadvantages of the current system prompts the outlining of electronic system that will be good to the existing system with the system which is more easy to use. We can enhance the productivity of the system, along these lines conquer the disadvantages of the current system. We outline this system of the hostel management particularly for the school hostel, through this they can’t require so proficient individual to deal with and figure the things. This system consequently computes every one of the bills and issued the notices for those students who are against a few standards.

Download Hostel management system project source code

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Online product Opinion and Ranking System

Online product Opinion and Ranking System


As the web is spreading out its bound, the demand of on the web trade is also getting broadly extended. By and by everyone needs snappy and direct to home organization without connecting any undertakings. Online shopping is a technique for fruitful trade among money and items which is done by end customer without contributing a far reaching vitality navigate. Every thing on electronic shopping site is identified with studies which address nature of that particular thing. Each time the clients are purchasing the thing on the web by scrutinizing the thing study. In any case, scrutinizing each one of these reviews already acquiring the thing, exhausts extra time. In this manner, there is need of a couple of systematic examinations of thing reviews which serves to the purchaser to find intense thing among an extensive number of the things.

Here we have proposed a novel method “Online product Opinion and Ranking System” to manage rank the thing gainfully by mining the true blue reviews of the thing. Nevertheless, main problem develops when there is an errand of an imposer review given by a secretive customer. So this system will give method which will allow only those customers to give review who have gained the thing from that site. Distinctive customers are not allowed to give the study. This will reduce the wrong surveying of thing and customer will get the trustworthy thing.

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Medicine In-take Reminder and Monitor App

Motivation behind developing Medicine In-take Reminder and Monitor App

Out-calm pharmaceutical association has been recognised as the most slip-up slanted framework amidst the entire drug process. Most by far of these bumbles were made when patients purchased unmistakable embraced and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines from a couple of drug stores and use them at home without beside zero bearing.

Essential purposes behind these bumbles include:

(1) Irregular medicine in-takes on account of thepatient’s involved or eccentric lifestyles,

(2) Complicated in-takeschedules as a result of numerous meds and measurements taken by thepatient,

(3) Adverse medicine reactions caused by un-reconciled prescriptions got from different sources,

(4) need of information about real usage of medications,

(5) Lack of conference with social protection providers when disarray emerges and

(6) Lack of watching segments to keep trackof patient’s medication in-take..

In this undertaking, we introduce Medicine In-take Reminder and Monitor App, a propelled cell application intended to help patients dodging these oversights.