Online Employee Payroll Management System Project

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Online Employee Payroll Management System Project

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Online Employee Payroll Management System Project

Online Employee Payroll Management System Project is an application, developed to assess the performance of employees working in any institute. It maintains the information about a company, salary details of their employees, also the project details assigned to particular developer. The system is simple to understand and can be used by anyone who is not even familiar with simple employees system. It is user friendly and just asks the user to follow step by step operations by giving him few options. It is fast and can perform many operations of a company.

This project mainly deals with five modules and their further sub modules. First module is the employee module into which we can enter employee details such as his name, address, phone number, his basic salary and many more. After that we can view the details further by using the employee id, and we can modify the details also. Similarly in department we have the details of all the HOD’s of the departments. Next module is salary module in this we can view the salary issued to the employee.

We can put the grades also in the grade module. Basically we create the grades in this with specified details. We can view the details consequently. We can just enter the grade name and can view the details integrated in the grade. Other than this we can view the whole thing all together by getting into the view grade section.

We can view the report also in this. It can be viewed in this easily that to which the monthly salary has been fixed and for which month. We can also look out those employees to whom the salary has not been issued and the further details also such as for which month it has not been issued. This is the basic overview of the whole project.

Download Online Employee Payroll Management System Project Source Code

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