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Mobile Shop Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Mobile shop management system helps mobile shop owners to manage various records related mobile brand, stocks, customer details etc.

Multi brand mobile shop have many brands and models. It is difficult to keep track of stock and models details on paper. Mobile shop management system does it computerized. The software gives all the necessary details of the mobile phones below the image of handset.The application keeps the record of all the purchased and stock handsets in the database. The admin can view all the invoices and check the product gallery. It also contains a form setting for managing product’s price and branch information.

Download Mobile Shop Management System

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Club Membership Management System

Category : PHP Projects

This  Club Membership Management System project enables the user to add member data to the system. The user can easily add members simply by name. The user can also add clubs by providing his name. You can also view the list of members of certain clubs and add members to that particular club. In addition, this system also contains account management from which the administrator can change the password and add other accounts for system administration.

The purpose of this  club membership management system project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing membership data. This data saved in the database. The interface allows user to enter name of the member, date of birth, spouse name, address, phone details and save it in the database. The phone details include Work number, cell number, extension and fax details. The user can update these fields from database.

Club membership management system provides a directory for the users. It will provide an easy way of maintaining records in the database. Admin can retrieve data from the database and display. All the data is unique to a particular member. The member number is a unique number generated automatically through the system.

Download Club Membership Management System Project Source Code

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Online Fashion Shopping

Category : PHP Projects

Market of online shopping is growing day by day. Now a days people also prefer online fashion shopping. This project is based on PHP and MySql.

Online fashion shopping project is a shopping website for fashion products. It have various categories like man, women and kids fashion. It have sub categories for man fashions like shirt, jeans, T-shirt, footwear, watches, etc. similarly sub categories for women and kids also.

Here admin can add/remove products in various categories, manage orders.

Download Online Fashion Shopping Project source code

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Parking Management System

Parking Management System is web based application developed using CodeIgniter. This system offers hourly parking management, parking ticket system, parking lot management, and more.

Website have following modules:

  1. Vehicle category: This module is for category of vehicle. Admin can add, update or delete vehicle categories.
  2. Parking Module: Parking module is used to manage parking of vehicles. It assigns paring location and parking slots and track availability of parking space. It also calculate parking fees based on time.
  3. Parking Rate Module: We can defined and update parking rates for different vehicles.
  4. Parking Slot Module: We can manage parking slots like normal or VIP slots and admin can also check availability of slots.
  5. User Module: Manage user details.

Download Parking management system project source code

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Hostel Management System

Category : PHP Projects

Hostel Management System is a project developed in a PHP and MySql to manage hostel related task like Hostels, students details, Employees, Mess bill, Room rent, etc. It makes easy to manage hostel administration. It can help warden of hostel in many ways. Hostel management system is web based application so warden can access it from anywhere.

Hostel Management system have Following main modules:

  1. Room Module: This module manage room details. Admin can allocate and select from available room. Checking availability of room is easy by room module.
  2. Student Module:  Student module manages student details. It will stores student details like name, address, contact no, parents contact no, course name, blood group, etc.
  3. Mess Module: Mess module can create and manage mess card for students. It can generate mess bill of student based on students mess card.
  4. Fees Module: This module manage fees related task. It displays name of student who have not pays fees before due date.
  5. Visitor Module: visitor module manage visitor details of hostel.

Download Hostel Management System Project Source Code

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School Fees Payment System Project

Category : PHP Projects

School Fees Payment System Project is a web based application to manage fees and student details of students in school.

Features of School Fees Payment System Project:

  • Keeps track of student details like name, grade, contact, class, etc.
  • Stores fees collection details of student.
  • Fees collection report date wise.
  • Report generation of fees, student.
  • Chart of fees details.
  • Responsive layout, beautiful UI.
  • User can take database backup.
Modules of project:
  1. Campus: Website can be used for multi campus school. user can add or manage multiple campus by this module.
  2. Student: student data management done by this module. we can add, remove or edit student details.
  3. Fees: we can manage fees details here. fees can be accepted and report can be generated in this module.
  4. Report: we can generate different reports like fees and student details.

Project Name:  School Fees Payment System

Language Used: PHP

Database: My SQL


Web Browser: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA

Download School Fees Payment System Project Source Code

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Online Discussion Forum Project

Category : PHP Projects

Online Discussion Forum Project

The online discussion forum project is aimed to develop online forum for the group discussion. Due to this is a web-based application any user can post the doubts topics or ask question and can answer for the other user’s question. The user can invites others for conversation and submit question. This is useful for a small organization, school or a division or for that matter any group who is interested to organize it effectively. Facility to share the source and post articles that can be viewed by registered user.

The online discussion forum project contains seven main modules.
  • Category
  • Post Question
  • Registration
  • Answer
  • Discover
  • Articles
  • Search

Category Module:

This module is the main module use for describing categories of question/topic, by selecting the category user can post their questions easily. User can also retrieve the answers for their questions from specified category from the different users.

Post Question Module:

This module is mainly for the registered users. As the Administrator has to know who has posted the questions the user have to register here. Registered users can post their question here.

Registration Module:

This Module helps to collect the detailed information about the newly entered user. This module use to create new user of system.

Answer Module:

Each and every posted issue will get the exact answer from the discussion Forum team and also they can get a lot of answers from the different user.

Discover Module:

Users can answer the questions which are posted in this site. Both registered and non registered user is benefited over this module. They can also view the answers posted in this site.

Articles Module:

User can post their ideas and also they can know about the ideas of the other Users.

Search Module:

This module is used to search the queries, the articles and also the ideas. Both registered and non registered users can search over here

Download Online Discussion Forum Project Source Code

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Online Vehicle Service Center Management System Project

Category : PHP Projects

Online Vehicle Service Center Management System Project

This system Online Vehicle Service Center Management System Project allows providing vehicle for service. If customer got any problem with his vehicle based on guarantee card they are providing services

The real power of this project lies not in direct selling of products, but in the formation of stronger relationships with customers and delivering of a high level of service and support, which in turn improves organization sales and its goodwill. A service organization is a business entity that takes care of servicing a customer mechanism in the after sales domain. As the number of customers and size of operations increases, the organization divides the geographical area into service areas and branch locations, to allow Engineers to be more responsive to the customer-needs.

 This project contains 3 modules :-

  • User Registration,
  • Service Charges,
  • Submission module,

User Registration:-

                   In this module we can do registration of user with username, password, phone no and vehicle no, warranty of vehicle.

Service Charges:-

In this module we can registered the Customer Name, Vehicle no, Parts and Servicing Charges as well as Paying the money.

Submission Module:-

This module is use for handovers vehicle to the Customer.

Existing System

Existing system is a manual one in which users are maintaining books to store the information like product details, Distributors details, purchases, sales details and accounts for every month. It is very difficult to maintain historical data.

The following are the disadvantages of the existing system

  •  It is difficult to maintain important information in books.
  •  More manual hours need to generate required reports.
  •  It is tedious to manage historical data which needs much space to keep all the previous years’ ledgers, books etc.
  • Daily sales and purchases details must be entered into books are very difficult to maintain.
Proposed System

The Online Vehicle Service Center Management System Project is a software application which avoids more manual hours that need to waste in record keeping and generating reports. This website keeps the data in a centralized way which is available to all the users at the same time. It is very easy to manage historical data in database. No specific training is required for the distributors to use this website. They can easily use the tool that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and hence increases the performance. It is very easy to record the information of online sales and purchases in the databases.

Download Online Vehicle Service Center Management System Project Source Code

Download Online Vehicle Service Center Management System Project Report

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Online Task Assignment System

Online Task Assignment System

Online Task Assignment System is a web-based application. Through this system user can assign job to any employee online and admin can also check the status of the assigned job. Using this system management team can take judgment on time after checking the existing status of the assigned work. This system helps the user to complete work on time as user can check the status of assigned job any time. Online Task Assignment System is developed to manage the work assigning process online.

We have developed this project to automate the assignment of task. Using this application admin can assign task to any employee online and employee can update the status of assigned work online. Using this software an employee can perform assignment related work online.


In the existing system, if manager want to assign work to employee then he can do it manually means he have to call a meeting and assign the work. In present system tracing the job status is also very time consuming. This process is very time consuming and reduces the overall productivity of the employees as well as the company.

This Online Task Assignment System is developed to automate assignment process and to trace the work status online. User can also determine the employee efficiency regarding the job completion on time.


The main objective of this software is to automate the assignment process of task. Using this software an employee can perform assignment related work online.  This Online Task Assignment System is developed to remove the drawbacks of the existing system. In this system user don’t need to call a meeting to assign a work to employee. User can also trace the advancement of the assignment online. Using this system company can improve their work efficiency. This system can also improve the productivity of employees by completing the task on time.

Modules Used:

There are three main modules in this project

  • Admin
  • Super user
  • General user

Admin –

Admin can assign the assignments or task to the super users. The admin can create or delete both super user and general user. Admin user has the capability to create a new super user as well as general user and also delete the super user and general user. Admin can also assign the assignment to the super user.

Super user –

super user has the capability to assign the assignment to general user. Admin user assigns jobs to super user. Super user can assign task to general users. Super users can add or delete the assignment assigned to general user.

General user –

General users can see the details of the assignment assigned to him. After completing the assignment general user submit the work online and update the status of work online.

Download Online Task Assignment System Project Report

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Online Food Ordering Website Project

Online Food Ordering Website Project

People have no time to go and eat their favorite food at restaurant in these busy lives. So many people prefer to order food online at their home or office this is the main reason behind this online food ordering website project. So food ordering system these days has one of the rapid growing market.

Nowadays, people are more habitual to dine-in at restaurant for their meals. The online food ordering website project provides ease for the customers.

It overcomes the disadvantage of the manual hotel or restaurant system and the old fashioned queuing system. Therefore, this system enhances the speed of getting food in person’s plate and quality and manner of taking the order from the customer. It provides a better communication platform.

The online food ordering website provides the menu online and the customers can easily place the order by just click the mouse or by touching a button on their smart phones.

Also with the food ordering system online, people can without difficulty track their orders, and admin can keep customer’s database and advance the food delivery system.

This food ordering website allows the user to select the desired food items from a list of available menu items provided by the restaurant. Finally the user can place orders for the food items of their like from the list.

online food ordering website project

online food ordering website project

Features of online food ordering website project:

  • Customer can place order of food from menu
  • Customer can book party hall
  • Table reservation by customer
  • Customer can use special deals/ promocode
  • Admin can add/remove food items
  • Booking management by customer
  • Admin can manage order

Online food ordering website Demo

Admin Panel

Username: admin